Special Risk Management and Security Solutions for Emerging Markets

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BLACKPANDA is an elite, crisis management and security consulting group headquartered in Hong Kong, focused on serving the Asian market. We enable economic investment into high-risk, emerging markets by providing risk management solutions to our clients across a variety of industries.

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Our Services

Special Risk Assessment

We help our clients with significant security concerns around their operational risk for their oil, mining, and agricultural investments in conflict zones (e.g., Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia). Our core expertise focuses on robust security deployment, top-tier training for existing security forces, and protective counterintelligence measures and network-building.

Our Services

Crisis Management Response

Companies operating in emerging markets are susceptible to security crises that may have devastating impacts on their assets, finances or reputation. BLACKPANDA provides bespoke services and solutions that enable our clients to successfully prevent and navigate special risks, which include risks arising from terrorist incidents, kidnapping, extortion, criminal elements, hostile sabotage, as well as cybersecurity breaches and incidents.

Special Risk

Assessment Methodology

1. Macro

2. Regional

3. Micro


  • strategic perspective
  • region to region; city to city
  • immediate area assessed for threat


  • risk assessed province
  • region to region; city to city
  • immediate area assessed for threat


  • site / facility risk
  • special risk assessment
  • consultation, and mitigation

Our Methodology

We have a unique and proprietary approach to risk analysis that we call “The Five Pillars” – combining physical security, intelligence, community relations, cybersecurity, and insurance. Our approach involves the integration of risk analysis encompassing the macro, micro and site levels with over 600 physical separate measurements and proprietary algorithms pairing quantitative with qualitative assessment.

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