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Asia’s Premier Digital Forensics & Incident Response Firm

Local, top-tier incident responders on-call to contain and investigate in the event of a data breach.

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Our Core Cyber Security Services

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Blackpanda Digital Forensics services & Incident Response experts help identify, prioritize, contain, and remediate security issues in the event of a breach—helping you both minimize damage and respond more effectively to future incidents.

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Our incident response experts work with your team to identify vulnerable assets, draft organizational response plans, and craft bespoke playbooks to common attack events and communications protocols, while thoroughly testing all processes to optimize response. In doing so, our cyber security services help mitigate damage before an incident even occurs.

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Digital actions leave digital footprints. Our expert digital forensics investigators collect, analyze, and preserve digital evidence to outline the details of an incident, recover lost or stolen data, and testify to stakeholders or law enforcement, where necessary. Our forensic cyber security services can be instrumental in legal, corporate and private cases.

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Compromise Assessments

Whether you suspect a breach or simply need peace of mind, Blackpanda threat hunting specialists perform a thorough, inside-out investigative sweep of your systems, identifying any signs of compromise to expose hidden threats in your environment.

Why Blackpanda?

Running a business is difficult enough without having to worry about the constant threat of a data breach, cyber attacks, and more. With so many other operational tasks to juggle and decisions to make, it is essential to build a strong, secure, and stable foundation of security—so you can focus on running your business.

We do one thing, and we do it right. 

Rather than diversifying and broadening our services as a cyber crisis management firm, we have spent our time further refining skills in our areas of expertise. Our focus is placed squarely on cyber security incident response and digital forensics services so all our clients can rest assured they have a reliable team of experts to fall back on. Read more about our "One-Kick Philosophy" here.

Hear from Our Experts

Cyber security knowledge and awareness is the first line of defense against an attack. To help you stay informed and prepared, we continuously update our library with the latest news and best practices. Visit our resources page for more information regarding our cyber security forensics services in Hong Kong, Singapore and across Asia.

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