The Blackpanda Tribe

Find out more about Team Panda and what it takes to join our tribe.

The Blackpanda tribe is a team of unique individuals who all pursue one goal: to democratise cyber resilience.

We hail from all over the world but are local to many Asian cities. Whether it be Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila or Tokyo, we call Asia our home and are proud to serve its SMEs.

Why “Tribe”?

A tribe is a group of people with shared values and a common purpose, and ours is simple: We work tirelessly to make incident response solutions accessible for all businesses in the region.

A tribe also shares a strong sense of identity and connection among members. And while we recognise that we all have full lives outside of work, we try to nurture a real sense of belonging within Blackpanda. After all, we spend the majority of our days at work - it may as well be enjoyable!

We are all part of Team Panda, on a mission to democratise cyber resilience. To achieve this goal, we are always looking to innovate and improve, collaborate closely with partners and colleagues, act with integrity in all we do, and never forget to take care of each other.


Our Values

Our core values define how we work and grow together.


We approach all interactions with honesty and transparency. We do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.


We work smarter, harder, and faster together, and we know that nobody can make it alone to the places we plan to go.


Timing beats speed, precision beats power, and leverage beats strength. We never cease to innovate and improve.


Leaders are held accountable to deliver a happy, balanced team that does amazing work on time, every time.


Blackpanda was founded on the principle of resilience: the ability to respond to and persevere in the face of constant change.

Work with us!

Want to help organisations across Asia defend their business? Do you enjoy working in a dynamic start-up environment? Then we may be a match for you.

As proud Pandas, we know our hard work contributes to the Blackpanda growth story. If you want to be part of that story, check out our open positions.