Blackpanda ASM Security Scans

See your organisation like hackers see it with Blackpanda ASM as part of your IR-1 subscription.

What is an attack surface scan?

Attack surface scanning is a proactive security measure that involves identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in your organisation's digital infrastructure, such as networks, systems, applications, and your website.

It provides crucial visibility into the entry points that attackers could exploit to gain unauthorised access or compromise sensitive data. Essentially, it allows you to see your organisation from a cyber criminal’s point of view.

We have developed our own Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool with highly advanced features and capabilities.

The value of running regular security scans

Through regular Blackpanda ASM scans, you gain crucial visibility into your organisation’s attack surface and a better understanding of your vulnerabilities.

Another advantage of Blackpanda ASM is that it runs in the cloud, meaning you do not have to install anything.

Prevent hackers from exploiting gaps in your defences

Efficiently allocate resources to critical vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk

Gain a better understanding of your infrastructure and address misconfigurations

Strengthen your cyber defences over time with tailored recommendations

No complicated installations or system interference with our cloud-based, external scans

What will I receive?

Scans are performed continuously, with reports available on-demand on the IR-1 Portal dashboard.

New in 2024: Our IR-1 product update includes powerful enhanced Blackpanda ASM features.

Continuous scans, for constant vigilance and greater security

On-demand reports via a new live dashboard, for even better monitoring and faster response

With Blackpanda ASM as part of your standard IR-1 subscription you receive:

An initial in-depth report upon registration

Ongoing and continuous attack surface scans to check for vulnerabilities

On-demand scan reports on your organisation’s digital infrastructure

Our actionable reports provide practical information and clearly outlined next steps for easier implementation.

How often are security scans performed?

Upon registration and activation of Blackpanda ASM, we initiate a thorough initial scan to establish a baseline of your organisation's security posture. We then run scans continuously, providing you with ongoing monitoring and up-to-date insights into your systems.

If these scans uncover vulnerabilities that require immediate attention, newly identified threats, or commonly exploited weaknesses, we send you an email alert.

Quick facts: 3 reasons why attack surface scans are so powerful

Attack surface scans like Blackpanda ASM take a broader and more comprehensive approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors than traditional perimeter security scans. Here are three reasons why attack surface scans are generally considered more effective:

Asset discovery

Blackpanda ASM scans include thorough asset discovery to identify all assets exposed by  an organisation. This involves finding and mapping various types of systems, applications, subdomains, APIs, and other interconnected externally facing components. This helps you gain a better understanding of the full attack surface and potential entry points for attackers.

Attack vector identification

Attack surface scans go beyond simple vulnerability scanning and aim to identify potential attack vectors. This involves analysing the relationships and dependencies between different assets, such as how an exposed API might be leveraged to exploit a vulnerable web application.

Continuous monitoring

By regularly scanning your attack surface, we can detect new assets, vulnerabilities, or attack vectors that may arise due to changes in infrastructure, application updates, or emerging threats. This enables your organisation to stay ahead of potential attackers and take timely remediation actions.

Overall, attack surface scans offer a more holistic and proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors.

What makes Blackpanda different


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We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

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