Incident Response Preparation

The key to surviving a cyber incident is preparing your team for it.

Incident response preparation?

If your organisation was attacked in the next five minutes, what would you do? The key to survival is preparation - and by working with us you will be prepared to act decisively if and when a cyber incident occurs.

Our experts work with your team to identify vulnerable assets, draft organisational response plans, craft bespoke playbooks to common attack events, and create communications protocols, while thoroughly testing all processes to optimise response.

The value of incident response preparation

Blackpanda Incident Response Preparation is a consultation service led by our most senior incident responders, with tangible, actionable outcomes to help organisations prepare for a cyber incident.

We offer various services, each tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Which one is most suitable to your organisation depends on many factors, including your existing cybersecurity set-up and size of organisation. Speak to us today to find out which service or services you would most benefit from.

What will I receive?

IR Plan & Playbook Development

Blackpanda works with your team to build custom playbooks for the most common cyber security attacks, including malware, ransomware, business email compromise, and DDoS. We help your team strengthen its resilience and minimise the impact of a cyber security incident.

Communications, Escalation, and Handover Procedures

Together with your team we design bespoke procedures covering who to contact when and how in a security incident. This also includes guidance on when to escalate internally or inform authorities, and how to properly manage evidence when handing over a cyber incident to an external incident response firm or regulators. This saves you critical time and helps avoid miscommunications.

Data Breach Readiness Review

Blackpanda conducts a thorough review and identification of critical assets, data management policies, stakeholders and decision-making authorities, internal capabilities, third-party support, and external reporting obligations. This saves you crucial time in the event of an incident.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are essential in verifying the efficacy of existing plans and playbooks in real-world cyber incidents. Blackpanda works closely with your team to run through a simulated cyber crisis in order to test communication, escalation, and handover procedures. This fosters confidence in your team and uncovers areas for improvement.

Quick facts: Why you should consider incident response preparation

Need to secure buy-in from your team or senior stakeholders? Sometimes it can be a hard sell justifying costs to prepare for an event that may not occur. Here are some more immediate benefits:

Foster a cyber secure work culture

Respond to local regulatory requirements

Fulfil third-party obligations
(if applicable)

Proactively assess cybersecurity concerns

Communicate the importance of cybersecurity to leadership

Reassure the C-Suite and Board
of Directors

Further reading

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What makes Blackpanda different


We are proudly local to many key Asian cities, with local language capabilities and fast response times.


We are dedicated to being the leading experts in incident response and digital forensics in Asia.


We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

Ready to defend your business?

Blackpanda is committed to helping regional businesses strengthen their cyber resilience and secure their digital operations. Speak to us to find out how we can help your organisation.