Digital Forensics

Digital crimes leave digital evidence, but you need to know how to look for it.

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics involves the collection, preservation, and examination of electronic evidence. It focuses on uncovering and interpreting digital information, such as files, emails, network logs, and system artefacts to support legal or investigative processes.

Blackpanda’s digital forensics services uncover vital data and key pieces of evidence to help organisations resolve cyber incidents and meet their legal obligations.

The value of digital forensics to cyber investigations

Digital Forensics experts use specialised tools and techniques to extract and analyse data from computers, mobile devices, and digital storage media. By examining this evidence, they can then reconstruct events, identify potential sources of compromise, identify malicious activities, and provide further crucial insights into cyber incidents.

Knowledge gained from forensic analysis exposes exploited vulnerabilities and hacker tactics, helping organisations fortify their security measures against future attacks.

What will I receive?

Interim Reports: Provided as needed to keep stakeholders informed and meet other requirements.

Executive Briefings: High-level, jargon-free briefings for C-Suite executives, encompassing all aspects of the incident and outlining critical next steps.

Third Party Communication: We facilitate communication with regulators, legal teams and PR agencies.

Final Report: This comprehensive report includes a thorough log analysis, post-breach recommendations, and additional relevant information.

Quick facts: Understanding digital forensics methodology


The first step of any digital forensic investigation is to identify relevant sources of evidence for the examination. Once that is completed, we move on to…


The imaging of original digital media evidence from a source. Blackpanda’s experts track and preserve any evidence so it can be presented in a court litigation on the case.


Blackpanda's experts employ sophisticated methods to extract key information from compromised devices. They leverage automation to efficiently uncover evidence, and accelerate investigations through the use of artificial intelligence and image analysis.


Once the analysis is completed, a final report is drafted. This includes all findings, actions taken and recommendations in a format that is both actionable and admissible in court, should the incident have legal ramifications.

What makes Blackpanda different


We are proudly local to many key Asian cities, with local language capabilities and fast response times.


We are dedicated to being the leading experts in incident response and digital forensics in Asia.


We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

Ready to defend your business?

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