Compromise Assessment

A thorough sweep of your infrastructure to spot lurking dangers or assess compromised systems.

What is a compromise assessment?

Did you know that hackers can spend days, months or even years in your networks without you noticing? Large organisations often employ internal so-called threat hunting teams to continuously sweep their systems to avoid just that. We make that possible for SMEs.

Whether as part of your regular proactive cyber defence or you suspect an attack, Blackpanda threat hunting specialists assist with the detection and identification of cyber attackers already in your network—uncovering hidden threats and prioritising action for remediation.

The value of compromise assessments

92% of companies* conducting their first compromise assessment discover active threats in their networks.

Cyber criminals often lie undetected in a network for long periods of time, gathering or exfiltrating confidential data and building a profile of your business while looking for the perfect time to strike.

Our compromise assessment includes elements of threat hunting, which is an effective proactive method of evaluating an organisation’s cybersecurity posture and preventing active incidents from occurring.

Traditional compromise assessment is very similar to threat hunting, but is generally understood to take place after an incident has occurred, to assess the extent of the damage. This is an important first step in evaluating appropriate incident response.

* Based on internal Blackpanda data up to May 2023.

What will I receive?

Our compromise assessment service encompasses an inside–out investigation and a security audit of your organisation’s internal environment, applications, infrastructure, and endpoints.

You will receive a full report detailing what we found during threat hunting in your network, and practical advice on how to patch or eradicate any active threats.

How often should my organisation conduct a compromise assessment?

Due to the relatively high dwell times in the Asian region (that’s how long an attacker maintains access to your network before they are caught), we generally advise quarterly or bi-annual threat hunts.

However, we understand that each industry and organisation has its own unique characteristics and risk tolerance levels. We encourage you to speak with us to determine the ideal frequency that best suits your industry and organisational needs.

Quick facts: Threat hunting is proactive cybersecurity

Conducting regular threat hunting will help your organisation:

Demonstrate due diligence

Reassure investors, regulators, and other stakeholders that you take cybersecurity seriously

Reduce attack dwell time

Disrupt and eradicate hidden attackers early and often, before they can severely impact your business

Detect attacks stemming from social engineering and human error

Root out attackers who steal or abuse legitimate access credentials

Further reading

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What makes Blackpanda different


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We are dedicated to being the leading experts in incident response and digital forensics in Asia.


We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

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