Affordable Cyber Incident Response Solutions for Your Clients.

Provide a unique value-add to your clients and diversify your revenue streams with our IR-1 add-on.

Are you looking to boost sales and increase retention?

We work closely with some of Asia’s largest and most innovative companies in telecommunications, IT distribution, finance and business services to add value to their product offering.

Partnering with us also acts as an effective risk transfer, with your customers having quick access to expert support in case they are hacked. Faster response means a lower chance of one initial compromise spreading to other customers or even to your own network.

It’s a win-win, so let’s talk about how we can work together.

Cutting-edge cyber incident support for your clients

IR-1 is a yearly subscription designed for small and medium sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific region with up to 500 endpoints, and with limited IT and security resources.

As part of their 1-year subscription, your clients receive*:

Cyber Incident Response
with 24/7 Support

Safeguards your client’s operational integrity and minimises the risk of the compromise spreading to others.

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Enables your client to take proactive steps to avoid compromise.

IR-1 Preparation

Enables your client to secure their systems, minimising their chance of suffering cyber attacks in the first place.

How IR-1 benefits your business

We have designed IR-1 to easily bundle with your existing products to provide an innovative and, importantly, affordable solution to your clients.

New in 2024: Gain access to even more IR capabilities and client management tools with our new Blackpanda Cyber features.

With an improved IR-1 Portal offering partners a powerful dashboard for inventory management and reporting, our product enhancements offer you greater strategic benefits than ever before. Reach out to our Sales team today.

Boost client loyalty and retention

Our Blackpanda ASM scans provide your clients with regular visibility into their attack surface and you with the opportunity to:

Stay engaged with them as they respond to and seek your input on their security report findings

Upsell complementary solutions tailored to your client's specific security requirements

Differentiate your product offering

IR-1 is a portable solution that can be combined with any of your products or services from security solutions to hardware equipment.

Bundle IR-1 with any business solution involving digital assets, no need for cybersecurity specialisation

Position yourself as a comprehensive and forward-thinking business partner to your clients

Upsell your cybersecurity solutions

We empower you to provide better service to your client with greater insight into their specific cybersecurity needs.

How one partner turned an incident into an opportunity

An SME client of one of our partners had an IR-1 subscription and activated our incident response service. Blackpanda experts moved in to contain and mitigate the incident, and a concluding Blackpanda ASM scan identified additional, unexploited vulnerabilities in the client's system. Together with Blackpanda, our partner provided recommendations for next steps to the client, which included the option to purchase further business support services. As a result, the account nearly doubled in value.

Why Blackpanda?

We are Asia's leading local cyber incident response firm, dedicated to helping regional businesses strengthen their cyber resilience and secure their digital operations. Delivered by local experts, our solutions are designed for the Asian market, by a team of regional and international talent.

We have built IR-1 to be an on-demand incident response portal, a SaaS-style subscription service centred on a powerful platform that helps our partners expand their digital services portfolio.

Our approach to cyber incident response is informed by decades of experience in law enforcement and military operations. And with national as well as regional partnerships across the public and private sectors, we have crucial local context for everything we do.

What makes Blackpanda different


We are proudly local to many key Asian cities, with local language capabilities and fast response times.


We are dedicated to being the leading experts in incident response and digital forensics in Asia.


We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

We understand business drivers

Finding new revenue streams to boost sales and nurturing client loyalty for higher retention are perennial challenges. With Blackpanda, you gain a long term business partner that helps you do exactly that.