Loss Adjusting & Investigations

In-depth forensic and technical expertise with complex loss assessment capabilities.

Shorter claims cycles with Blackpanda loss adjusting

Blackpanda loss adjusters have extensive experience in Financial & Specialty loss assessment. Their work has included claims across Asia and Europe, and has seen them collaborate with the largest insurers in both continents.

For cyber incidents, we leverage on our local in-house Digital Forensics and Incident Response specialists to deliver technically advanced and efficient loss adjusting services. Working with us can significantly shorten the claims cycle.

An integrated approach to cyber incident and claims handling

At Blackpanda, loss adjusters and forensic experts work hand-in-hand to resolve questions around loss circumstances, causation and liability more efficiently.

Insurers and stakeholders receive detailed insights on the containment and remediation actions envisioned by insured clients, enabling them to make quicker decisions on the claim.

The seamless integration of incident response and claim handling processes results in faster claim assessments - and that’s good news for both insurers and policyholders.

What will I receive?

When working with Blackpanda loss adjusters in the aftermath of a cyber attack, insurers receive early information on the scope of the incident and an assessment of physical, digital, and financial losses incurred by the targeted business

This assessment is based on a number of actions our team undertakes:

Conducting technical root cause investigations

Collecting factual evidence to determine liability

Establishing causal link between technical findings and business impacts

Assessing damages including material and financial costs

Reviewing coverage

Quick facts: Our capabilities

Blackpanda’s Financial and Specialty Lines Loss Adjusters and Investigators combine technical and financial expertise in niche areas with their wide experience in handling complex losses and major insurance claims in the APAC region.  

We provide expert support to claims pertaining to:

Cyber Losses

Product Liability

Tech Error & Omissions

Business Interruption

Crime & Fidelity

Contingency & Specialty

We work with a wide range of industries, including financial institutions, cybersecurity, technologies, events, media, law enforcement, fine arts, and more.

What makes Blackpanda different


We are proudly local to many key Asian cities, with local language capabilities and fast response times.


We are dedicated to being the leading experts in incident response and digital forensics in Asia.


We build innovative tools and processes that produce better outcomes for clients and partners.

We understand insurance

Whether it’s cyber insurance or other lines of commercial business, Blackpanda is a knowledgeable and reliable partner to the industry across Asia. Talk to us to find out more about our capabilities and how we can boost your panel.