Unveiling Blackpanda’s Revamped Brand


The Blackpanda brand has undergone a revamp to bring it in-line with our stated mission to democratise cyber resilience. Tech-driven and hyper-focused on cyber incident response, our refreshed brand represents Blackpanda better than ever before.


The Blackpanda team is thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand. Months of research, workshops, and creative effort have led to a refined brand that represents our company and the work we do better than ever before. 

With a newly defined commitment to the cyber resilience of Asian businesses (see “Our Vision”), Blackpanda clearly stakes out its position in a crowded market. Blackpanda stands for local, specialised and technology-driven incident response, dedicated to delivering world-class emergency response services to businesses in the Asian region.

Our visual brand, too, has undergone a refinement process. Granted, anyone outside of Blackpanda may not notice much difference, but small changes to imagery can be powerful nonetheless. Where our old logo included a reference to founding members’ proud history in the armed forces, our new logo turns the focus on our digital specialisation and Blackpanda’s unique ability to leverage in-house data to constantly develop better products.

With a renewed focus on our mission to make cyber resilience achievable for all, we have also redesigned our website for clearer information and easier use. Our flagship product IR-1 by Blackpanda takes pride of place, and we have made it easier for existing and potential partners to find relevant information. We hope you enjoy the new website!

Want to talk to our team about our products and services? Contact us today using our easy online forms. 

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