Empowering SMEs: Blackpanda and Bare Cove Technology Forge Strategic Alliance


Blackpanda and Bare Cove Technology join forces to offer a comprehensive and dynamic cyber security strategy tailored specifically for SMEs.


Hong Kong, 19 October 2023 - In a strategic alliance set to redefine cyber resilience for SMEs across Asia, Blackpanda and Bare Cove Technology join forces to address digital threats as a cohesive whole. This collaboration fuses Blackpanda’s capability in incident response and digital forensics with Bare Cove’s advanced cyber consultancy and managed services to offer a comprehensive and dynamic cyber security strategy tailored specifically for SMEs. 

In a recent poll conducted by Blackpanda, 66% of businesses responded that, when facing a cyber breach, they would turn to their managed services providers (MSPs) for assistance. This finding underscores the pivotal role managed service providers play in bolstering cyber security and their position as a trusted first point of contact during a cyber crisis.

Gene Yu, Founder and CEO, Blackpanda, said, “The collaboration between Blackpanda and Bare Cove is timely, as this not only resonates with our core mission to democratise cyber resilience but also marks a major milestone in the marketplace. We are here to empower managed service providers to elevate their business proposition with robust incident response capabilities. This is a synergistic approach to fortify the first line of defence with the vital tools needed to build an integrated cyber resilience solution against digital threats. We believe it’s game changing for MSPs.”

Emily Randall, Founder and CEO, Bare Cove Technology, added, “At Bare Cove Technology, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to the specific needs of Asia-based financial firms. By teaming up with Blackpanda, we are taking our expertise to the next level by leveraging our combined strengths to offer a more comprehensive range of services, from cutting-edge cyber security testing to incident response readiness. This collaboration not only strengthens our individual accomplishments but also allows us to address the evolving cyber security challenges that are deeply needed by businesses in the Asia Pacific region.”

This strategic alliance brings together an unparalleled team of cyber security specialists in cloud technologies, IT infrastructure, automation, penetration testing, digital forensics, and incident response. Together, Blackpanda and Bare Cove Technology harness the most recent innovations in cyber security to enhance capabilities and align with global regulatory demands to help SMEs navigate today’s digital landscape more securely. 


About Blackpanda

Blackpanda is Asia's premier local cyber incident response firm, dedicated to delivering world-class digital emergency response services to businesses in the region.  Blackpanda exists to defend organisations across APAC. We help businesses strengthen their cyber resilience and secure their digital operations by supporting them with incident response delivered by local experts. Our mission is to make cyber resilience achievable for all, with services and solutions designed for the Asian market. For more information, please visit www.blackpanda.com

About Bare Cove Technology 

Bare Cove Technology (BCT) is an award-winning IT and cybersecurity solutions provider. Our team is made up of proven leaders in the fields of cyber security, software development, cloud technologies, and IT infrastructure and design. Based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, BCT supports the top asset managers in the Asia Pacific region, helping our clients meet the evolving expectations of institutional investors and global regulators. For more information, please visit www.barecovetech.com.

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