Cyber security services explained


Understanding cyber security services available and how they can support your business.

Cyber threats are continuously developing, and with them, the cyber security industry. Cyber security providers offer a variety of products and services to support the strengthening of organizations’ cyber security posture, legal due diligence exercises, and cyber incident response, to name a few.

While you may find similar services under a variety of names, cyber security services can be boiled down to a few select categories. At Blackpanda, we like to  classify them between consulting, risk management, and incident response.

To help you navigate through the complex array of cyber security services available on the market, we have compiled a simplified cyber security services list so that you may better understand your options.

Cyber security consulting services

What is cyber defense consulting?

Cyber Defense Consulting is carried out by specialist consulting firms. A team of dedicated specialists will work with your organization to identify and develop the core competencies necessary for a robust security program in your unique environment, in such a manner that aligns security and business objectives. This type of service is usually recommended for medium to large sized enterprises who need to develop a corporate cyber security strategy, whilst smaller organizations can benefit more from cyber security planning services and tabletop exercises.

What are security planning and tabletop exercises?

A cyber security plan specifies the security policies, procedures, and controls required to protect an organization against threats and risk.

A cyber security plan can also outline the specific steps to take to respond to a breach. Such a plan, covering key steps in incident response, must be put in place to guide cyber incident handling, mitigating attacks and recovery. This plan must follow the SANS Institute and NIST prescribed processes for a methodical and more organized approach.

Much like fire drills, cyber security is a business process that should be actively and regularly practiced such that it becomes second nature even during high-pressure situations. This is where tabletop exercises can come in handy by ensuring that your organization knows exactly what to do in case of a cyber attack. If your organization is interested in building a cyber security plan, companies such as Blackpanda offer cyber security planning and tabletop exercise services.

What is security training?

Cyber security training, also known as Security Awareness Training, should be a priority for organizations of all sizes. This type of service helps educate employees to understand existing and emerging cyber security concerns.

Cyber security training encourages employees to understand cyber security issues, identify security risks such as phishing and ransomware, practice good cyber hygiene, and learn the importance of cyber security at an organizational level.

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