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Ransomware Incident Response & Extortion Negotiation

Blackpanda's expert ransomware response specialists will guide your organization through a ransomware attack, helping minimize loss, recover encrypted data, and facilitate payment (where necessary).


11 Seconds

estimated frequency of ransomware attacks worldwide

19 Days +
US $247K

average duration and cost of downtime following a ransomware attack


median ransomware payment

Ransomware attacks lead to more than just locked computers and a hefty ransom. Ransomware often poses an existential threat to modern businesses without incident response specialists. Increasing downtime losses as well as poorly handled negotiation and data recovery efforts can lead to irreparable financial, technical, and reputational damages

Blackpanda ransomware specialists provide professional ransomware incident response and negotiation services backed by years of experience across American special forces, crisis consulting and kidnapping negotiations. Our specialists are uniquely positioned to guide customers through each phase of a ransomware response—from ransomware containment and loss mitigation to ransom negotiation, ransom payment facilitation, and recovery.

Ransomware Incident Response Services & Expertise

Containment & Loss Mitigation

  • Immediate response, quarantine, and containment

  • Data recovery of any salvageable digital assets

  • Digital forensics and malware reverse engineering to identify threat actors and inform negotiation phase

  • Provide any matching decryption keys from known ransomware databases (where available)

Professional Negotiation

  • Objective, third-party crisis and negotiation management

  • Expert understanding of various ransomware actors, tools, techniques, motives, competencies, and authenticity of any decryption keys

  • ‘Proof of life’ exercises to verify threat actor reliability

  • Intelligence support for critical decision-making

Ransom Payment Facilitation

  • Secure payment processing

  • Fully verified, transparent, and auditable transactions

  • USSS-backed OFAC auditing and compliance

  • Trusted by cyber insurers for payment facilitation

Recovery & Eradication

  • Support implementation of any decryption keys

  • Ensure systems are restored, cannot be reinfected

  • Complete incident documentation in compliance with insurance and other regulatory requirement

Our strategic partnership with the US Secret Service (USSS) also enables our ransomware response specialists to leverage international reach and intelligence capabilities to support ransomware negotiations, trace cryptocurrency payments, ensure OFAC compliance, and more.

Stopping Ransomware

Blackpanda recommends all customers deploy encrypted cloud-hosted backups of their critical data for protection from the effects of a ransomware attack.

Blackpanda has partnered with leading ransomware protection and encrypted backup technology provider, Acronis, to help clients protect critical data, detect incoming attacks, stop encryption, and restore affected files.

Reach out to our ransomware response specialists to learn more about the strongest partnered anti-ransomware post-breach solution in the market.

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