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Loss Adjusting & Investigation Services

Cyber, financial lines and other specialty lines losses require a rare set of skills and experience to investigate, assess, and mitigate.

Blackpanda Financial/Specialty Lines Loss Adjusters & Investigators combine technical and financial expertise in niche areas with their wide experience in handling complex losses and major insurance claims in APAC.

Our Capabilities

Blackpanda Corporate Investigators & Loss Adjusters are specialized in Specialty and Financial lines loss investigations, assessment & insurance claims handling.

Cybercrime, data leak, external & internal fraud, disputes & litigation, product defects and recall, are some of the most critical sources of operational risk and potential losses companies face.

Once one of these risks materializes, corporations and their insurers rely on loss specialists to investigate the technical cause, understand liability apportionment, mitigate the consequences, assess the loss’ financial impact and quantum and conduct asset recovery actions.

Our investigators have extensive experience handling major and complex losses in the region including:

• Cyber Losses
• Product Liability Claims
• Tech Error & Omissions Claims
• Business Interruption
• Crime & Fidelity Claims
• Contingency & Specialty Claims

Sectors We Work With

Financial Institutions

Cyber Risk & Technology

Events & Movie Production


Assets, Fine Arts, & Specie

For the Insurance Industry

Technical Root Cause Investigation

Damages Assessment

Recovery Actions

Coverage Review

For Corporations & Self-Insured Entities

Dispute Resolution

Asset Tracking and Recovery

Fraud Investigations & Forensic Accounting

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