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Incident Response Preparation Services

Blackpanda Incident Response Preparation and Consulting services help prepare your organization to defend against and respond to breaches before they occur. Our incident response experts work with your team to identify vulnerable assets, draft organizational response plans, and craft bespoke playbooks to common attack events and communications protocols, while thoroughly testing all processes to optimize response.

What does Incident Response Preparation accomplish?

  • Fostering a cyber secure work culture
  • Third-party obligations
  • Post-funding proactive assessments of cyber related concerns
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • C-Suite and Board of Director assurances

Incident Response Preparation Services

IR Plan & Playbook Development

Incident Response planning and consulting services to help your team in Hong Kong, Singapore or across Asia maintain its resiliency and minimize the impact of a cyber security incident. Customized playbooks for the most common cyber security attacks, including malware, ransomware, business email compromise, and DDoS.

Communications, Escalation, & Handover Procedures

Bespoke procedures covering when, how, and who to contact in a security incident, including when to escalate internally or inform authorities, and how to properly manage evidence in a handover.

Data Breach Readiness Review

Thorough review and identification of critical assets, data management policies, stakeholders and decision-making authorities, internal capabilities, third-party support (if necessary), and external reporting obligations.

IR Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises simulating real-world cyber security attacks to test the playbooks, communication, escalation, and handover procedures developed as part of our cyber security incident response services for your organization.

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