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Digital Forensics

Blackpanda digital forensics arms organizations with the ability to uncover vital cyber security data and key pieces of evidence from computer-related artifacts.​

We bring decades of experience in law enforcement and military operations to investigate cyber breaches and provide detailed and impartial investigative reports. Blackpanda specialists ensure that all digital evidence is appropriately acquired, analyzed, and reported, employing global forensics best practices.


1. Preservation

This is the process of imaging original digital media evidence from a source, then tracking and preserving any evidence so it can be presented in a court litigation on the case.

3. Reporting

After completion of the analysis, a final report is drafted, including all findings, actions taken and recommendations in a court-accepted manner.

2. Analysis

Blackpanda’s digital forensics experts go on to retrieve the individual information elements, improving investigation efficiency with customized workflows, expanding investigative power and uncovering evidence more easily with automated tasks, locating hidden evidence with optical character recognition, and accelerating investigations with AI and image analysis.

4. Archive Case

To ensure future examiners have everything they need to review the case, upon completion of all digital forensics and expert witness activities, the examiner should take care in archiving all evidence, ensuring findings, and reports associated with the case remain intact.

Digital Forensic Deliverables

Interim Report

Where necessary for schedules as required.

Executive Briefings

Our specialists can create C-Suite level briefings covering all aspects of the incident and detailing critical next steps.

Third Party Regulator Communication

Communication with third party regulators where necessary.

Final Report

Includes Root Cause Analysis, Post-breach reommendations, and more.

Local Responders

Blackpanda deploys highly trained teams of cyber security incident response specialists throughout APAC, with the local linguistic and cultural understanding necessary to manage a crisis. We are able to activate both remote and on-site responders for fast and efficient boots on the ground.


Our focus is an inch wide and ten miles deep, exclusively in the niche of cyber security digital forensics and incident response. Our responders bring specialized experience and regularly train on a range of incidents including ransomware and negotiation, maritime response, and operational technology.

Military Precision

Our team consists of an elite cadre of cyber risk and security experts from military special forces, intelligence, forensics, and law enforcement backgrounds. Our military origins drive our culture of efficient operational processes, precise delivery of high-quality service, and consistent responsiveness — we bring our lessons from the battlefield directly to the board room.

Trusted by the best to defend against and respond to cyber crises.

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