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Compromise Assessments

Whether you suspect a breach or simply need peace of mind, Blackpanda threat hunting specialists perform a thorough, inside-out investigative sweep of your systems, identifying any signs of compromise to expose hidden threats in your environment.

Compromise Assessments

Would you know if you were breached?

Cyber attackers often work quietly in the background for months (or even years) undetected in a target network. They frequently enter through “legitimate” paths such as phished credentials or internal threats, setting off no alarms and leaving no trace of forced entry.

Whether you suspect an attack or simply need peace of mind, Blackpanda threat hunting specialists assist with the detection and identification of cyber attackers already in your network—uncovering hidden threats and prioritizing action for remediation.

The Value of a Compromise Assessment


While international banks conduct Compromise Assessments daily, SMEs typically choose a monthly frequency. Blackpanda recommends firms in Asia conduct a Compromise Assessment at least once per quarter, due to relatively high dwell times in the region. Speak to us to determine a frequency that best suits your industry and organizational risk tolerance.

Reduce Dwell Time

Disrupt and eradicate hidden attackers early and often, before they can act

Account for Human Error

Root out attackers who steal or abuse legitimate access credentials

Show Due Diligence

Assure investors, regulators, and other stakeholders of your security

Comparing Assessments & Penetration Testing

Which question needs answering?

How Does a Compromise Assessment Work?

Onboarding & Network Normalization

At the onset, we deploy next-gen threat hunting tools to gather data logs, create a baseline of behavior, and prepare the environment for advanced threat hunting queries. We work with any EDR/NGAVs including industry leading CrowdStrike Falcon and SentinelOne Singularity platforms, assisting with installation if no such tool already exists.

Active Threat Hunting

Our Level 3 threat hunting specialists then conduct extensive log investigations using a proprietary list of over 120+ advanced threat hunting queries, updated weekly to reflect the most recent and advanced threat intelligence.

These queries are designed to uncover suspicious and malicious activities, including behavioural searches meant to identify highly sophisticated and previously unknown strains of malware.

Advanced Darknet Monitoring

Blackpanda deploys powerful DarkOwl monitoring technology and trained specialists to sweep the dark net for any stolen credentials, leaked data, or criminal chatter that may serve as indicators of compromise.

We then corroborate that data with our forensic sweep to provide a more holistic view of your current security.

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