War and Terror

The threats posed by War, Terrorism and Political Violence are dynamic in nature; the causes are sometimes unclear but the impact can be significant. The risk envelope is ever-changing, with a diverse range of threat actors, both foreign and domestic, capable of launching attacks.

You do not have to be a target to be impacted, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The nature of such perils means they are board-level issues, and should be on any corporate risk register. Jing An Special Risk senior brokers have long relationships and are experienced with Global War and Political Violence markets; they are experts in managing such risks, and can advise on a variety of insurance protection.


Few—if any—industry sectors are immune from a cyber attack. The digital interconnectivity of business operations, suppliers and customers means that any organization is vulnerable to potentially catastrophic electronic data theft or sabotage, and the concomitant damage to finances and reputation.

Whether you are just starting a cyber risk management planning process, or reviewing your current plan, Jing An Special Risk’s experienced cyber risk team can provide the expertise and advice to protect your balance sheet and empower stability throughout your organization.

Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnapping threats in Asia have varied and evolved between countries, with Asia reporting the highest number of kidnap incidents worldwide. Islamist militants across the Asia continue to employ kidnapping as a revenue-generating activity as well as a weapon of war.

Our Kidnap & Ransom insurance policies provide coverage typically for response activities and certain expenses incurred as a result of a kidnapping..

Marine Piracy

Owners and operators of marine craft, including passenger vessels conducting transits near high-risk areas, will often include Marine Piracy coverage for their precious cargo, passengers and key personnel.

The financial, business and human consequences of marine piracy can be no less significant than those presented by terrorism or cybersecurity. The Blackpanda Crisis Centers located around Southeast Asia will provide the support of a highly experienced response team to assist in the successful resolution of any incident on behalf of the assured to meet a piracy or an illegal seizure demand.

Crisis Evacuation

Travel plans can go awry for a number of reasons. Sudden medical issues or worsening political situations may necessitate an immediate evacuation; our services can provide an effective and efficient response, providing either appropriate medical attention or swift evacuation. Or both.

Blackpanda consultants are on stand-by 24/7/365 to aid with medical assistance and evacuation from private aircraft to safely recover the policyholder.

  • Medical

  • Natural Disaster

  • Political Unrest

Special Advisory Services

Blackpanda offers a wide range of bespoke services, tailored towards meeting your every need. For a confidential and privileged discussion, please contact us directly: