Insured Incident Response

For maximum cost-efficiency in managing the impact of a breach, Blackpanda Incident Response is ​also available via cyber insurance policies offered by a range of insurance carriers and in conjunction with breach management specialists.

US $3.86M

average cost of a data breach

US $2M

average breach savings with an IR team and plan in place

Insurance Panel Relationships

Blackpanda is trusted by some of the world’s most respected and experienced cyber insurers and breach coaches, included as forensic responders on their cyber insurance response panels.

Standalone comprehensive cyber insurance policies provide the most cost efficient means of accessing cyber incident response and crisis management services. To reduce cost and streamline response efforts, Blackpanda services are included on a number of insurance policies offered in the region.

Ask your broker about including Blackpanda as the named incident responder on your policy.

Select cyber insurance policies cover:

All Blackpanda fees

First and third-party losses

Business interruption costs

Legal fees

Public relations consulting, and more...

Partner Broker

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