Incident Response Retainers

Blackpanda Digital Forensics and Incident Responders are available on a retained-hours basis, on call to respond more quickly and with the appropriate pre-breach measures in place to efficiently manage cyber incidents. Hours may also be used to bolster your cyber defences through our suite of Consulting Services including our holistic Compromise Assessment offering for a more aggressive and active posture against attacks.

Blackpanda Benefits

Pre-Paid Hours

Enjoy prioritized response and reduced hourly rates by purchasing pre-paid services at a minimum of 40 hours per year.

Prioritized Response

Pre-Paid customers gain prioritized incident response over "walk-in" customers.

Cyber Insurance Eligibility

Compromise Assessment clients can gain eligibility for cyber insurance offerings from select partners.

Insured Incident Response

For the greatest cost-efficiency in managing the impact of a cyber breach, Blackpanda Incident Response is also available via cyber insurance policies offered by a range of insurance carriers in the region.

15% OFF Flexible Hours
Pre-Paid customers save 15% on Blackpanda Consulting Services and can utilize purchased hours towards any of our services a needed but not limited to:
Compromise Assessments
Insider Threat Investigation
Digital Forensics Services
Incident Response Plan Development
Expert Witness Services
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Compromise Assessments

Cyber attackers often work quietly in the background, operating for months (or years) undetected in a target network.

Whether you suspect a breach or simply want peace of mind, our threat hunting specialists perform a thorough, inside-out investigative sweep of your systems, identifying signs of compromise to expose hidden threats across your environment. Schedule these regularly to protect you and your data.


Your organization's threat landscape (strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities


Whether your organization has been breached


With government mandated requirements for assessment.


Investors, customers, and other stakeholders of your security.