4 March 2022 | Asia Cyber Summary

In the Spotlight this Week:

  • Singaporean organizations urged to step up cyber security following cyber attacks on Ukraine

  • Toyota suspends all domestic factory operations after cyber attack

  • Japanese firm Fujimi to resume production slowly following cyber attack

  • Anonymous: the hacker collective that has declared cyberwar on Russia

Singapore Organizations Urged to Step Up Cyber Security Following Cyber Attacks on Ukraine

Organizations in Singapore have been urged to strengthen their cyber security posture following warnings of increased cyberthreats globally arising from recent cyber attacks on Ukraine following the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In a post on its website on Sunday the 27th of February, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCert) advised companies to strengthen their cyber security, vigilance, and online defences to protect themselves from cyber attacks such as Web defacement, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and ransomware.

"While there have not been reports of any threats to Singapore organizations in relation to the events in and around Ukraine, organizations are advised to take active steps", said SingCert.

Toyota Suspends All Domestic Factory Operations After Cyber Attack

Toyota Motor said it will suspend all domestic factory operations on Tuesday the 28th February, losing about 13,000 cars after one a company supplying plastic parts and electronic component was hit by a suspected cyber attack. No information was immediately available about who was behind the attack or the motive. The attack comes just after Japan joined Western allies in clamping down on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, although it was not clear if the attack was at all related.

Japanese Firm Fujimi to Resume Production Slowly After Cyber Attack

Japanese chemical company Fujimi Inc, which makes a vital component for semiconductors and was hit by a cyber attack last month, said on Wednesday the 2nd of February that it has partially resumed shipments and is expected to gradually restart production this weekend.

Fujimi's announcement comes amid reports of a surge in cyberattacks against Japanese companies, especially smaller ones. The attack on Toyota Motor Corp supplier Kojima Industries Corp forced the automaker to halt domestic production for a day on Tuesday.

The Hacker Collective Anonymous has Declared Cyberwar on Russia

Cyber conflicts are fought in the shadows, but in the case of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is a group that calls itself Anonymous that has made the most public declaration of war. Late on Thursday, the hacker collective tweeted from an account linked to Anonymous, @YourAnonOne, saying it had Vladimir Putin’s regime in its sights.

In the days since, the group has claimed credit for several cyber incidents including distributed denial of service attacks. The DDoS attacks still appeared to be ongoing on Sunday afternoon, with the official sites for the Kremlin and Russian Ministry of Defence still inaccessible.

Anonymous also said it had hacked the Russian Ministry of Defence database, while on Sunday it was claimed the group had hacked Russian state TV channels, posting pro-Ukraine content including patriotic songs and images from the invasion.

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