Blackpanda Partners with NFC and Spectrum

A partnership between key players in the market to service gaming operators, regulators, banks, and insurance.

Three global leaders in their respective fields–Blackpanda, NFC Worldwide Solutions, and Spectrum Gaming Group–today announced a collaboration to join forces in servicing gaming operators, regulators, banks, and insurance companies to provide consultancy services for best practices and cyber security.

Blackpanda consists of a team of highly trained digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) experts from best-in-class international military special forces, intelligence, forensics, and law enforcement backgrounds. We augment decades of cyber risk management experience with industry-leading technologies to quickly and effectively identify, prioritize, contain, and remediate security issues in the event of a breach—mitigating loss, quickly restoring client operations, and recovering lost assets. Blackpanda is the go-to provider in the field for the online gaming, financial, telco, and insurance industries.

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NFC Worldwide Solutions was founded 35 years ago with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to international governments. They provide the highest quality products and services for the best value in the business. NFC’s management team consists of former law enforcement professionals handling investigations both domestically and internationally. Their highly skilled research staff has a vast understanding of international data. Their due diligence services ensure compliance and have helped save clients millions of dollars.

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Spectrum Gaming Group specializes in the economics, regulation, and policy of legalized gambling worldwide. The group consists of top gaming industry experts and has provided independent research and professional services to public and private-sector clients since 1993. Spectrum Gaming Group published an annual list of top trends in gaming, and those prescient insights have already guided investors, operators, suppliers, and government agencies.

“NFC and Spectrum Gaming Group are the leading consultancy teams within their industries,” said Gene Yu, Blackpanda Co-Founder and CEO. “The partnership between our companies will launch the much needed digital forensic and due diligence services necessary to allow operators to be more proactive and, ultimately, profitable.”

“With the transformation of business transactions online, the alignment of these three companies will serve the new age of gaming, banking, and insurance while keeping clients protected and secure,” said William Kisby, CEO of NFC Worldwide Solutions. “Blackpanda, Spectrum, and NFC will combine their expertise and focus on providing services that guide operators and industry regulatory agencies with safe internal digital security.”

Spectrum Gaming Group Managing Director Fredric Gushin said, “Realizing that these major industries have a tremendous need for increased digital and cyber security, we are very excited about this alliance designed to combine digital security platforms, due diligence practices with our many years of casino gaming knowledge.”

About Blackpanda

Asia’s premier cyber security incident response firm, hyper-focused on digital forensics and cyber crisis response. Our team consists of an elite cadre of special risk and security experts from International military special forces, intelligence, forensics, and law enforcement backgrounds. We are highly trained, ready to respond to and help manage crises on short notice, when and wherever needed. Reach out to us at

About Spectrum Gaming Group

A non-partisan consultancy that specializes in the economics, regulation, and policy of legalized gambling worldwide. It has provided independent research and professional services to public-and-private-sector clients since 1993. It brings wide industry perspective to every engagement, having worked in 40 US States and territories and in 48 countries on six continents. Spectrum has performed detailed examinations of gaming policy in multiple states, including Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, and New York. Contact at or 1-609-926-5100.

About NFC Worldwide Global

As a leading, worldwide provider of Due Diligence, Compliance, and Risk Consulting services for over 35 years, NFC Worldwide Solutions (dba NFC Global) has performed services in more than 150 countries. Serving a global client base which includes several of the top 10 financial services companies, NFC’s team is comprised of investigators and analysts with experience in federal, state, and local law enforcement. Combined with its unparalleled network of international contacts and sources, NFC provides the single most comprehensive and cost-effective global information resources available.

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