MAS-Compliant Incident Response

Blackpanda DFIR retainers enable Singapore financial institutions to meet MAS requirements completely, accurately, and within the mandated timeline.

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Monetary Authority of Singapore Deadlines

1 Hour

Deadline to notify MAS upon discovery of a cyber incident

14 Days

Deadline to submit full technical incident and forensics report

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires all Financial Institutions (FIs) conduct cyber incident response and digital forensics upon the discovery of a cyber breach and submit a technical incident and forensics report within 14 days. 

In adherence to the official MAS Incident Reporting Guidelines, Blackpanda Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) retainers provide FIs with the digital forensics investigation services and comprehensive reporting necessary to fully comply with MAS requirements within the 14-day submission deadline.

MAS Incident Reporting Investigation Requirements


Blackpanda determines the full scope of an incident, identifying signs of compromise across all systems. We deploy advanced DarkOwl monitoring technology to sweep the darknet for any stolen credentials, leaked data, or customer records.

MAS requires details on all compromised system and business areas as well as any information pertaining to the loss or theft of customer records and sensitive data.

Incident Details & Lost/Stolen Data


Root Cause Analysis & Remediation

MAS requires reporting on the conclusive factors leading to the incident and all actions taken to mitigate damage and ensure a similar event does not reoccur.

Blackpanda digital forensics experts provide detailed root cause analysis to uncover the true source of a breach. We work with your team to provide specific recommendations for remediating vulnerabilities and preventing an identical attack from occurring.

Detailed Chronological Order of Events

MAS requires full chronological documentation of all actions taken by the institution following an incident, including leadership rationale behind such decisions.

Blackpanda investigations provide detailed analysis, timelines, and comprehensive reporting outlining methodology, all findings, and recommended steps for remediation. Blackpanda IR plans and playbooks help ensure protocols are in place and adequately followed.


Impact Assessment

MAS requires a comprehensive impact assessment of the incident, including business, stakeholder, legal, and reputational repercussions.

Blackpanda regularly works with business analysts, lawyers, and public relations partners to provide the relevant technological input required to assess the consequences for all stakeholders. We understand holistic risk, and we work as a team with our customers.

Ensure Compliance within the 14-Day Submission Deadline


Zero-Cost Retainers

With no payment up front, our zero-cost retainers help save both time and money during a response.

  • No commitment or annual fee

  • Pre-establish response terms and hourly rates prior to activation

  • Services charged on a time and materials basis (only on activation)

  • Available through 2021

Pre-Paid Hours

Enjoy prioritized response and cost-savings by purchasing pre-reserved incident response hours.

  • Reduced hourly rates

  • Guaranteed response times

  • Pre-paid hours sold in blocks of 20, 40, 80, and 160 hours (billed annually)



Insured Incident Response

As the most cost-efficient engagement of Blackpanda services, cyber insurance policies are offered by a range of insurance carriers and in conjunction with breach management specialists.

Coverage typically includes: 

  • All Blackpanda fees

  • First and third-party losses

  • Business interruption losses

  • And more...