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Insider Threat Investigation

Blackpanda Insider Threat Investigations help determine the root cause of an incident and the parties responsible, helping you recover more quickly and prevent similar incidents from reoccurring.

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1 in 4

cyber incidents are caused by an insider

1 in 3

insider threat incidents stem from third-party partners

Often the greatest risks to an organization are the employees they trust, especially those with privileged access to sensitive data and systems.

Why Blackpanda? 

Our digital forensics experts work in parallel with our professional insider threat investigators, bringing extensive digital investigation and interrogative experience from law enforcement, intelligence, and military operations backgrounds.

We leverage best-practice digital forensics methodology and next-generation voice stress analysis technology to provide evidence-based results, including provision of expert witness testimony in court, where required.

Common Cases of Insider Threat for Investigation Include: 

  • Data Leaks 

  • Unauthorized Access

  • Employee Misconduct

  • IP Theft by Departing Employees

  • Security Policy Non-Compliance

  • Third-Party Misconduct


Blackpanda’s voice analytics technology is a sophisticated risk assessment tool that incorporates proprietary analytical processes and artificial intelligence to evaluate pattern characteristics of the human voice and assess client-defined risk issues. Pandavoice can be used to assess individual human risk, define key suspects, and root out insider threat. With over 94% accuracy in the detection of both truthful and deceptive statements, accuracy continually improves using adaptive AI. 


This tool is trusted by the U.S. military and has been endorsed by the Carnegie Mellon Language Technologies Institute.  




Interviewees answer “yes” or “no” to simple, automated questions by phone in their native language. Each interview takes less than 10 minutes.


The algorithm uses proprietary signal analysis processes to remotely evaluate characteristics of the human voice to determine risk.

Answers are analyzed and processed quickly, and a risk report is provided securely.

Risk results help expedite low risk participants and focus next steps for high risk participants that require follow-up.