Blackpanda digital forensics arms organizations with the ability to uncover vital cyber security data and key pieces of evidence from computer-related artifacts.

​We bring decades of experience in law enforcement and military operations to investigate cyber breaches and provide detailed and impartial investigative reports. Blackpanda specialists ensure that all digital evidence is appropriately acquired, analyzed, and reported, employing global forensics best practices.

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Use Cases

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Our digital forensics specialists can support legal investigations and gather evidence from computer media to provide expert witness testimonies that can be relied upon for litigation, civil, or criminal proceedings.

We work with private entities to recover lost data, gather information relevant to M&A due diligence, and even investigate terminated employees’ devices for evidence of unauthorized data exfiltration.

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Digital Forensics Services

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Digital Forensics Investigations

Expert Witness Services for Litigation

Digital actions leave digital footprints. Our expert digital forensics investigators employ a forensically sound method of collection, analysis, and preservation of evidence. Our digital forensics specialists will provide thorough investigative reports outlining the details of an incident, helping to mitigate damage, recuperate losses, and testify to stakeholders or law enforcement, where necessary.

We work with internal and external legal counsel to document and preserve all digital evidence, offering expert opinions based on the facts of the case backed by adherence to industry best practices. We provide expert opinions on reports, declarations, depositions, as well as open court testimonies and are specialists in the theory, practice, and interpretation of digital forensics cyber security.

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Data Recovery

Even when data has been deleted, servers have crashed, or hard drives seem unsalvageable, your data may still be recoverable. Blackpanda data recovery experts can provide details surrounding the loss of data, tracing the timeline and extent of deletion as well as other information that may help retrieve data or illuminate the cause of loss.

Insider Threat Investigation

Anyone with access to your company's critical information is a potential gateway for bad actors. Our insider threat investigators leverage next-generation technologies and extensive experience across law enforcement, intelligence, and military operations to uncover insider threats, allowing you to define the cause of the breach and pursue legal or administrative reaction, if necessary.

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Looking for professional support in preparing for an incident? Contact us today for bespoke cyber security and digital forensics consulting services.

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