Blackpanda Selects CrowdStrike to Help Accelerate Incident Response and Digital Forensic Investigations

Blackpanda will leverage the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to deliver incident response and forensic investigations to our clients.

Blackpanda, Asia’s premier digital forensics and incident response firms,  today announced that they have selected the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to help customers respond to cyber security incidents.

This partnership ensures Blackpanda’s customers have access to the latest in modern, cloud-delivered cyber security solutions from CrowdStrike to help them recover from an attack and fortify their cyber defenses moving forward. Blackpanda is proud to work with a recognized market leader in cyber security.  

“The increasing volume and velocity of sophisticated attacks requires incident response providers to work together using advanced cyber technology, to combat the latest threats,” said Jon Fox, Senior Director, Channel APJ at CrowdStrike. “We work with our partners like Blackpanda to leverage the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, including the Falcon Forensics module, to streamline the collection of point-in-time and historic forensic data for analysis of cyber security incidents.“  

“The CrowdStrike Falcon platform and the depth of threat intelligence contained in the CrowdStrike Security Cloud will enable Blackpanda’s Cyber Incident Response team to gain immediate visibility to contain active threats while accelerating forensic investigations for our customers,” said Timothee Grange, Chief Revenue Officer at Blackpanda. “This collaboration  enables us to leverage the full power of the Falcon platform to help our customers respond decisively during a cyber attack.”

To learn more about CrowdStrike’s cloud-native cyber security platform visit their website at

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