Cyber breaches happen quickly and can ruin a business. 

With a professional incident response (IR) team on deck, you can rest assured your business is backed with the expertise you need to bounce back from a breach.

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average total cost of a data breach


average breach savings with an Incident Response team and plan in place

Blackpanda uniquely manages post-breach losses by offering retained and on-demand response services from multidisciplinary regional responders, addressing the greatest pain points of a breach.


Our proprietary risk analysis and incident response software allows us to respond more quickly and efficiently, with support from our next generation voice stress analysis technology, to both eradicate malware and root out internal human threats.

Blackpanda maintains highly trained teams of cybersecurity and digital forensics experts throughout APAC, with on-site and remote responders, activating more quickly and with the cultural understanding necessary to manage crises.

Specialized responders address clients’ vulnerabilities across physical, social and cyber threat domains to identify the true source of a breach, incorporating proprietary incident response software and next-gen voice stress analysis tools to detect and combat insider threat.

Our team consists of an elite cadre of special risk and security experts from international special forces, intelligence, forensics and federal law enforcement backgrounds. Operational excellence is at the core of everything we are and do.

Incident Response

Process Overview

The Blackpanda DFIR team is comprised of a skilled set of practitioners who are highly experienced and well-trained in crisis management. The team follows procedures developed by Blackpanda, based on a combination of industry best practice (SANS, NIST, ISO) and the requirements of our specific tools and capabilities.


Upon suspicion of incident, client shall:

  • Contact Blackpanda 24/7 notification center

  • Submit to Blackpanda the incident data-ingestion form

  • Continue to monitor incident for developments


Blackpanda, will within 4 hours: 

  • Respond

  • Determine event validity

  • Deploy Pandarecon

  • Define scope and assign roles

Within 48 hours:

  • Conduct preliminary analysis

  • Submit initial assessment report

  • Begin containment & remediation

Within 4–24 hours: 

  • Begin data collection

  • Communicate plan of action


Beyond 48 Hours: 

  • Conduct root cause analysis

  • Contain/Quarantine the incident

  • Extended remediation

  • Recover lost data (if possible)

  • Assist in restoring business operations to normal


Final Report Covering:

  • Cause of breach

  • Methodology used

  • Remediating actions 

  • Recommendations for further improvement of security posture

Cyber Insurance & IR Services Coverage

Blackpanda Incident Response services may also be included as part of a comprehensive cyber insurance policy.

As named responders on a policy, all Blackpanda response fees may be covered, in addition to first- and third-party losses such as business interruption as well as regulatory fines and fees.


Interested in finding a policy that drives both your business and cyber security goals? We can help.


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