Our Story & Philosophy

Who are Blackpanda?

Blackpanda is Asia’s premier cyber security incident response group, comprised of an elite cadre of special risk and security experts from best-in-class international special forces, intelligence, forensics and law enforcement backgrounds.​

We are hyper-focused on cyber security incident response and are the leading digital forensics and cyber crisis management firm in Asia, positioned throughout the region and incorporating the best of both Western and Asian business disciplines. Drawing on our military special forces background, Blackpanda maintains both the specialized technical expertise and client-centric cultural understanding necessary to lead our clients through crisis and beyond.

Our Values & Culture

Tribe Culture

At Blackpanda, we do not use the word "family" to describe our organization; we already have our own families and we understand that none of our colleagues are more important than them. What we are is a tribe, and we joined together because of our families — not because we needed another one. This is what Tribe Culture means at Blackpanda. Click below to find out more.

Blackpanda Partners

Blackpanda is proud to partner with some of the largest names in Asia-Pacific across security, telecommunications, technology, legal, public relations, and cyber insurance industries.

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Enterprise Managed Security Services

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Cyber Insurance

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