About Us

We Believe Cyber Incident Response Should Be A Public Service.

In the same way a community requires on-demand access to police, fire, or emergency medical services, businesses deserve the same level of service on stand-by for cyber emergencies.

Quality incident response specialists are too scarce and too expensive for most firms to maintain on their own, and similar difficulties exist for the public sector in providing these services as a public good, although certain jurisdictions in the United States are beginning to establish public cyber response forces. By pulling resources together, private actors may provide for their own collective security, effectively sharing the “tax” burden among a likewise defense-minded community to support the unlucky few who fall victim to an attack.

Enter Blackpanda.

Blackpanda Cyber Crisis Memberships aim to address exactly this lack of publicly provided cyber incident response services across Asia-Pacific. By paying a small membership fee, members gain access to high quality, affordable cyber crisis response services, including digital forensics and incident response, cyber legal response, and crisis communications support.

But Cyber Crisis Memberships Are Not Just for the SME Market.

No organization in the world can claim one-hundred percent impenetrable physical security, no matter how much they invest in their physical security posture; thus no organization should expect to achieve one-hundred percent impenetrable cybersecurity, no matter how much they invest in preventative tools or services. Regardless of how much a firm or individual spends on in-house security, they should always have the assurance of activating high-quality emergency response services when and where they need it.

No Location Is Too Dangerous:

Blackpanda Goes Anywhere, Anytime.

Our roots in physical security and risk management give us the unique disposition and capacity to respond to cyber incidents when and wherever needed—including in areas considered high-risk dangerous by other firms. Via our ‘Ruggedized Incident Response’ service, we are able to provide our cyber incident responders with the appropriate level of organic Blackpanda international security consultants and logistics support to take on missions in the world’s highest-risk areas, servicing our clients where others will not.

What Is

Blackpanda is Asia’s first combined physical-cyber incident response group, specializing in regional coverage and hyper-focused on being the best at digital forensics and cyber crisis response.

Through our combined services and insurance business, Blackpanda has developed a unique, proprietary cyber incident response solution that is affordable, comprehensive, and regionally focused.

Our team consists of an elite cadre of international risk and security experts from international military special forces, intelligence, forensics and law enforcement backgrounds—including founding members hailing from an elite military counter-terrorist and intelligence unit focused on the Asia-Pacific region. We are highly trained, ready to respond to and help manage crises on short notice, under the greatest pressure, when and wherever needed.

All Blackpanda consultants live and work full-time in the region, using their cultural acumen and contextual experience to deliver truly localized solutions to international security standards.


    Group CEO, Co-Founder
    • West Point honor graduate, BS Computer Science
    • Credit Suisse, Palantir
    • Former American military special forces
    Chairman, Co-Founder
    • Head of Markets (APAC) Barclays
    • Credit Suisse, UBS
    • Former American military special forces
    Board Director
    • Managing Principal, Head of Capital Markets
    • Co-Founder, Gaw Capital

Management Team

    Group CEO, Co-Founder
    • West Point honor graduate, BS Computer Science
    • Credit Suisse, Palantir
    • Former American military special forces
  • CS GAN
    CEO, Pandamatics Underwriting
    • BA Economics, Postgraduate Maritime Law
    • Founder of largest Lloyd’s of London coverholder in Asia, SART Underwriting
    Group CFO
    • BSc Honors Chemistry MBA, London University
    • GE Capital Peregrine Capital
    • Hill & Associates (G4S)
    VP Revenue
    • BA University of Pennsylvania
    • Former American military special forces
    VP Operations
    • Stanford Graduate School of Business
    • Former American military special forces

Our Core Values


We work together. Check your ego at the door. We work smarter, harder, and faster together, and are better because of it.


We are unconventional thinkers and aren’t satisfied with the status quo or tradition. We aren’t afraid of technology or new ideas and approaches. We strive to improve every aspect of our work and aren’t afraid to break through chains and walls to get there.


The man at the top of the mountain didn’t get dropped off there, he climbed to the top. We strive to be the best in everything we do, personally and professionally. We aren’t here to take part – we are here to take over.


We don’t sugar coat bad news and setbacks. We also don’t quit at the first sign of risk; we face it head-on and assess how to mitigate. We will work with you to overcome obstacles or die trying.


We want our people to actually like what they do. Knowing that life is more than work, we encourage and support personal time and growth. We know we can do both.


Timing beats speed, precision beats power, and leverage beats strength. We strive in every aspect of our work to minimize waste and maximize production.


We do what we say, we say what we do. That simple.


We listen, then we act, and then we listen. We know you can work with someone else. We earn your respect everyday, just like it is the first time again. Every single day is Selection.